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I received my first blog chain letter yesterday. Actually, it was very nice. A fellow blogger from here in Ypsilanti, Michigan, a woman by the name of Hillary Blough, tagged me with something called Blog It Forward. Put simply, by doing this she was saying that she really liked my blog and that I should now point people to a blog that I like.

Well, Ive been agonizing over the decision for the past 24 hours now and I think Ive come to a decision. I would like to Blog It Forward to a site called DirtGrain which is run by a reader of Im passing it on to him because I see potential in his work. I also see a hint of madness, but we wont worry about that. I dont know where he lives, but it must be somewhere close. His name is Jan (pronounced Yawn) and I met him through his sister, who I met through a friend, who I met through another friend. We end up seeing each other socially every few months. I didnt know he was a reader of until a few days ago when he sent me a note. At the bottom of the note hed included the URL for his site. I dont think hes told too many other people about it. I warned him earlier in an email that I was planning to link to him tonight. His only concern was that my mom might start reading his site.

Heres a photo that captures he and I together. It is one of the few photos I have ever seen of myself where I am genuinely smiling. Im glad that I dont do it often I look totally deranged.

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