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I promised to post these quite a while ago, but I forgot to follow through These are the rest of the anagrams sent in by our friend Chelsea Lowe. (Its not every day that one finds his wifes name anagrammed alongside those of Bush and Ashcroft.)

You didn’t ask, and I don’t know about Linette’s middle name, but I tried Linette Lao. Some anagrams of this almost made sense. Her name, for instance, anagrams rather sweetly into “A little one.” “Linette Lao” contains both “tea” and “latte;” “lion” and “talon;” “alone.” Also “linnet,” which, you may know, is a kind of bird. Other anagrams include:

A lone title
O, let in teal
latte line. O!
O, lie, talent
Tonal elite
To tile lane:
Let NATO lie
Teal lien to
Total E-line
I tell a tone.
All I, O tenet
Ole tat line
A lintel tone.
Lil’ tea note

“John Ashcroft” anagrammed miserably for me, although it contains “cartoons,” “crash,” “jar of hot. . .” “front cash,” “hath scorn,” “shot,” “shoot,” “short,” “scorn,” “con” and other interesting words. But vowels are few, and several of the consonants are hard to use: “J,” for instance. The best I could do was “chant for josh,” as in, a joke.

Although I don’t disagree with the characterization “miserable failure,” I thought it would be unfair to use that in the president’s name. So I tried “George Walker Bush.” His name contains “rubles” and “shekels.” “Beer” and “keg; “kegger,” “bar” and “sober,” “huge beak,” “globe war,” “lose.” Also “shower gauge” and “wash;” “sugar,” “work release,” “worker’s league;” “arbor” and “logs;” “regal” and “rogue.” “Ogre,” too. “War horse” and “glue horse” and “geese.” And, somewhat interestingly, “Hebrew.” Also:

O, beer-slugger hawk!
O, gush, geek warbler
O, rare whelk-egg sub
Go wash Greek ruble
Huge keg brawl rose.
Gore shark. We bugle.
Wag keg. Heroes blur.
He glues keg barrow.
Huge breakers glow.
Shrub-glare week. Go!
Re: KGB: Lose huge war.
Eek! Go brush war leg.
Huge keg. Lose war. Br!
O, shrub: waggle. Reek.
Egg week. Roar. Blush.
Whale egg. Rusk robe.
Where lurk boa eggs?
Sulk, O beggar. Where?
Growl! He rebukes A.G.
Blue eggs work, hear.
Break leg. Hug. Worse.
Waker: Beg lush ogre.
Re: Wake, gorge, blush.
KGB: You lose guar where?
Rug, bagels. OK, where?
Glue bogs ark where?
Whale egg or busker?
Go! Hark! Bus leg were.
Go, Hebrew. Gale. Rusk.
Rag: Hebrew kugel. So?
Sober whelk gauger.
Egg bushel are work.
Burglar week. She go.
Greek row: bash, glue.
Burger sake. He glow.
Bogus her kale grew
OK: waggle. Beer rush.
Keg horse, wag ruble.
Rub logger. She wake.
Lake surge, hog brew.
Keg law. Rogue herbs.
Sheer bulwark, O, egg.

And you know what? There are more. But those make even less sense and I got tired of typing them in. Surely, you get the idea.

My name, by the way, anagrams into Wall o’ Cheese and “Sell. Owe. Ache,” among other things. It contains both “sell” and “owe;” “seal,” whale,” “sow” and “owl.” Thought you’d like to know. Bush’s name contains “owl” (and “owe”), as well.

La la!

My favorite is O, beer-slugger hawk! Its so succinct, so beautiful. As is “A Little One” for Linette and “Sell. Owe. Ache.” for Chelsea. They’re all so perfect.

Chelsea and I have never talked about it, but my suspicion is that this talent of hers comes at least in part thanks to her OCD (something that both she and I share). I see the same kind of thing in the collages that I make. I cut images into tiny pieces and rearrange them. I keep rearranging them until Ive found something that I like. My sense is that theres some correlation between how I see images and how Chelsea sees words. Its been my experience that having OCD is like having a super-power, if you can channel it away from checking locks, washing hands, worrying and all the rest of it. If you can get into the right frame of mind, you can use it to see all the various permutations of things. Of course, I may be wrong about that

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