what in the fuck is a spider hole?

Saddam Hussein was apparently caught, curled up like a little grub down at the bottom of something called a spider hole, yesterday, and Sandra, the sassy Puerto Rican woman, just won Survivor.

Thats pretty much how I spent the day. acquiring those two bits of knowledge.

To think, if I had died yesterday, I would know neither of these things. It’s so cool to be alive.

Saddam’s spider hole, according to one report, had an air duct and fan that allowed him to breathe, as well as “a tube, a crude urinal, (that) protruded from the wall.” So, our fearsome foe was not only found curled up in something like a coffin six feet under-ground, he also had his dick in a “tube.” I guess that kind of explains why he didn’t put up much of a fight. As John Wayne used to always say, It’s hard to be a hero when you’re on your belly with your dick in a tube.

Now, on to the more important news of my comfort and wellbeing: I threw out my fucking back working on the studio space this afternoon. I’ll go into excruciating detail in tomorrow’s post, but I thought that you should know that now, so you could remember to mention me in your prayers.

Its not really related, but I just got the following list of Mark Alan Maynard anagrams from Michelle Cheng in Texas. She said that she considered leaving the darker ones out, but she sent them anyway.

An army, a landmark
A Maryland ark man
A madam rankly ran
A rank mylar ad-man
A klan ran my drama
Mark, a dry, anal man
An arm, a darkly man
Drama layman rank
Mark, a lady man, ran
Many ran a mad lark
A randy, lank, ma-ram
Mark, an RNA malady
A rank, manly drama
An Aryan landmark
A rad, lanky, man-ram
Manly armada rank
Mark, anal yardman
Darn layman karma!

OK, I need to go back to the Survivor after-show now. They’re going to be talking with John and his grandma…. You can make your own jokes about the anagrams. My favorite, I think, is Darn Layman Karma. It seems somehow appropriate.

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