the building project

Thank you to everyone who wrote in to offer their assistance with the studio construction project. Unfortunately, were having to put the whole thing on hold for the day. You see, if we wait until tomorrow, we can use Linettes moms minivan. Theres also the chance that if we wait a day well be able to get scrap lumber instead of buying stuff at Home Depot.

Thanks to all of you who wrote in from around Ypsi to help, and all of you from around the world who offered advice on how to frame-in doors and hang sheetrock.

We didnt ever get a hold of our friend Kristin, the woman who works for a lumberyard. We’re told that she left town with a few other friends. Theyre apparently driving into the foggy mountains of Tennessee to visit Dollywood. If were lucky, maybe theyll bring back a full report, including cleavage jokes and photos that I can post.

So, heres the new deal with relation to the studio space. Were thinking now that we will do the rough construction of the walls ourselves. Once we have the wood and the nails, it shouldnt be too difficult to build the frame Then, once we have this big, wooden frame, well have a small party and well invite all the people who were nice enough to write in and offer their help. Well get a keg or something and a bag of pretzels The one thing that we will ask of the party-goers, however, is that they bring at least one piece of something big and flat, whether it be a sheet of plaster or an old highway sign, and a hammer. At the party, well start nailing the stuff up around the inside of the frame… And that, my friends, is how we plan to build walls. (It’ll be more community-based than the Israeli effort.)

The end product might resemble a house in a South African shantytown, but it should suit our needs for a year.

So, get out there and start looking for sheets of corrugated metal and small plywood structures that you can start stripping down.

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