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Linette and I have been really busy this weekend; bathing the dog, baking bread, shopping, wrapping gifts, cleaning house, writing holiday cards and all the rest of it. Somehow, in there with everything else, we also found the time to go out and make new friends. Thursday night, we met up with Steve Cherry and Hillary Blough, fellow bloggers from here in Ypsi. We had a few drinks and talked about blogs, local politics, and what we as active Ypsi-ites could do to help guide the growth of our beloved little town. It was fun.

I dont know if anything will come of it, but, as a result of that meeting, Im thinking of calling together a blue ribbon commission on the future of Ypsilanti. Right now, Im thinking that the five Ypsi bloggers should all be involved (me, Steve, Hillary, Leighton and Laura), as well as Jennifer from Henrietta Fahrenheit and a few other folks. The best-case scenario is that we form a kind of shadow government that controls Ypsi. Ill keep you posted.

I just heard that the terrorism threat level has been raised to orange for the holidays. As thats the case, Im going to confess something to you. A few days ago, I was caught singing the theme to the Golden Girls as I stood at a urinal. As I zipped up and turned around, I noticed that there was a man standing behind me. He was kind enough to pretend that he hadnt heard me signing out, thank you for being a friend, but it was clear that hed witnessed the spectacle of a 35 year old, bearded man standing with his penis in his hand and singing the Golden Girls theme with carefree abandon.

I need to go work on our Christmas cards now, but, before I go, I want to tell you about this cool site called Fuck you and your H2. It features a collection of photos that people have taken of themselves giving the finger to H2s and their drivers. Its a fucking brilliant piece of activism.

Heres hoping that none of us die in terrorist attacks over the course of the next few days.

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