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I’m sitting here at Linette’s desk, paying our monthly bills, and I just opened up an envelope from the IRS. As best as I can figure it, the personalized accounting statement that’s enclosed is supposed to make me feel secure that I will actually one day be able to collect the amount it says I will when I retire. That’s not what I want to comment on though… What compelled me to log-in and blog is a tiny note at the bottom of the second page. It says that if I die, my spouse or minor child may be eligible for a “special one-time death benefit of $255.” I found that somewhat amusing, kind of depressing and generally stupid.

Maybe I’ll get on-line now and see what Linette can expect to get with her $255. I’m thinking maybe a really good power drill, or perhaps a dental exam and one filling. Or, ten tanks of gas! She’ll be living it up…

Linette just called and I told her what I’d learned. She said, “Well, you better not die until that goes up.”

I didn’t tell her that there was a monthly benefit too. I don’t want to give her any more of an incentive to bump me off.

OK, I need to get back to bill paying now. I only have a short window of time in which to do it. Once Linette gets home, Ill need to give back her computer.

Oh, one last thing, it looks as though the Kucinich campaign is getting traction. Today he picked up an endorsement from Grandfather Twilight.

Equally as impressive, word was leaked this week that General Wes Clark is actively pursuing the endorsement of Madonna!

So, rest easy tonight in the knowledge that the Democrats solidly have their fingers on the pulse of America If this election is to be won or lost on obscure cartoon characters and washed up media whores, weve got it in the bag.

And, if you have the time tonight, theres a great, comprehensive article in the New Yorker on post-war Iraq.

As messed up as things in the world are today, I have little doubt that Grandfather Twilight and Madonna can marshal the resources necessary to see things put right.

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