hundreds flock to CWusa site, no one orders

I was bored this evening and I began looking over the webstats for the Crimewave site. I noticed that there was a huge spike of activity toward the end of November and I began looking into it. Well, it looks like our new issue was favorably reviewed on USA Todays website. The reviewer, Whitney Matheson, apparently read the whole thing and had nice things to say about it. As a result of her review, close to 1,000 people came to check out our site. Sadly, on that same day, we only registered one on-line sale. Hopefully, all those people ran out and bought issues at their local bookstores, unwilling to wait for us to send copies in the mail. Of course, I think its much more likely that they just didnt like what they found at the other end of Whitneys link.

Heres what USA Todays Whitney Matheson had to say about Crimewave:

I know I’ve raved about the ‘zine Crimewave U.S.A. before, but a new issue just came out, so I’m gonna do it again! Crimewave’s new Web site offers a great preview of what you can find in the husband and wife-run magazine (order your Ypsipanties before they sell out). I spent two hours in the bathtub last weekend reading its reviews of ham and socks, article about Wal-Mart caricaturists, mock interview with Iggy Pop and more. It’s tons better than US Weekly or Vogue or whatever, I promise.

As this appeared on the official USA Today website, does that mean that we can actually say the following on the cover of our next issue? It wouldnt be lying, would it?

Tons better than US Weekly or Vogue USA Today

Linette and I should send her a pair of Ypsipanties or would that be unethical? Would that be considered payolla? Or, pantyolla? If not, we should just start shipping off free panties to everyone in the press Do you think Barbara Walters wears panties?

Whitney, if youre reading this (hopefully not in the tub), tell me whether or not I would be violating your journalistic ethics if I were to send you panties.

Any other professional journalists out there, just publish a nice review and write in to claim your panties. (note: Your publication has to have a readership greater than that of this blog in order to qualify.) Just write, journalist claiming panties in the subject line of your email.

–I didn’t see it at first, but Linette just pointed out to me that the title to Whitney’s column says that Crimewave is the, “Coolest Zine on Earth.” We need to start quoting that from now on too.

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