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Since none of my tech-savvy friends or readers came forward with a copy of the Paris Hilton sex video, and since I’m too stupid to figure out such things as file-sharing systems on my own, I guess I’ll have to settle for seeing the hotel heiress on FOX tonight. (I find it kind of funny that 75% of Americans have probably by now seen images of her performing oral sex, but I’ve got to settle for images of her feeding chickens between commercials. Let this serve as a lesson to all kids who are considering cutting computer class.) The first episode of Hiltons new reality show, The Simple Life, airs in a few minutes. I just read the reviews and they weren’t too bad. In all the press she’s done, she seems to make it a point to stress that she was playing a part for the show, the part of a vacuous brat. She apparently now wants to be seen as a serious actress…

My personal belief is that her fame is a good thing for the U.S. because it might cause people to consider inherited wealth and the fact that it is inherently un-Democratic. I forget which founding father said it, but one of them said that the fairest of taxes was the inheritance tax. I would agree. I think that my relatives probably left Europe in part to live in a free country without an aristocracy… OK, I have to go and warm up the TV now and open a beer.

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