happy holidays

I don’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to stop in and wish all of you a good, old fashioned, terror-free holiday. With any luck, I’ll be back on-line by Saturday night. Until then, take care, and do have a nice Christmas, if that’s what you and your family celebrate.

I Tivo’d “A Christmas Carol” (the 1930’s version) this morning and I can’t wait to watch it tonight at midnight, with a big glass of rum and egg nog. Last night, I sat in front of the TV watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” and writing Christmas cards. I don’t know that it’s something to be proud of, but those two films (in their origional black & white) define Christmas for me more than any nativity scene ever will…

OK, my brother-in-law is at the door. That means that it’s time to stop blogging and start the festivities.

Again, I hope you guys all have a wonderful holiday season. And best of luck fighting that eternal battle between consumerism and introspection.

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