field trip to the history museum

Linette and I happened to be at the Henry Ford Museum on the 40th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. The museum, among a million other artifacts of America’s past, happens to also house the car that President Kennedy was shot in. It was a somber moment, standing there, looking at the vehicle I’d seen so many times on TV over the years and thinking about Kennedys tragic death. It was surreal to be so close to the scene of such an event, separated only by time.

Making the whole thing even more surreal is the fact that the original Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile sits right across the room. Its hard to mourn when you keep catching a glimpse of a giant wiener on the horizon.

Im sure I wasnt the first person to stand there and consider how American history might have been different had Kennedy demanded to ride in the Wienermobile that fateful day in Dallas.

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