another reader feels compelled to write

after I ask her to.

About a year ago, I had an extraordinary experience: while researching a sidebar to an essay I had sold the New York Daily News, I stumbled onto and the world of blogs. It was like falling down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. I had no idea there could be anyone else in the world who questioned the custom of blowing germs all over the food about to be served to birthday guests, who worried about the same things I do, who has OCD, as I do. Better, Mark was smart, creative, well informed, hilarious, astute and a writer. A darned entertaining one, at that.

Mr. And Mrs. Maynard, if you’re reading this, I hope you know that Mark takes a lot of care to protect his family and his job. Readers are treated only to the most general information on these topics. Few writers act so judiciously. (I don’t, and I write professionally.) Mark seldom mentions you online, but when he does, it is with affection.

You would probably be proud if you knew all his achievements. has received several ecstatic mentions in USA Today. It’s garnered favorable citation elsewhere, as well. Your son is a sought-after interview in the Detroit area. For what it may be worth, his band has enjoyed a number of successes, commercial and critical. (You know about the band, right?)

Mark cares very much what you think of him and his endeavors. I told him no parent needs a letter from a stranger to encourage pride in his or her child. But Mark wanted to hedge his bets.

Thank you for your attention.

Happy holidays to you both,
Chelsea Lowe

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