the day has been ruined

This was to have been a very productive day for me. I had lots of stuff that I wanted to get accomplished. However, everything went to shit when I got up this morning and went out to get the New York Times off the front lawn. I knew something wasn’t right when I noticed that the front gate was left open… Someone must have been in my yard… Well, as I got down on my hands and knees and looked desperately under the bushes for that familiar blue Times bag, the realization that we’d been robbed began to sink in. Someone had come into our yard and taken the Times, and they didn’t even close the gate behind them on their way out.

I was pissed!

Linette, the eternal optimist, tried to put a good face on it. “I guess the neighborhood really is changing for the better. No one in the past would have ever stolen a newspaper.” I’m a bit less enthusiastic. My theory is that one of these yahoo jackasses just wanted to look at a sports page in order to see pictures from the Michigan – Ohio State football game yesterday, a game that they’d probably already seen anyway. (Im sure they werent taking the paper to read this weeks installment of The Ethicist, or to see whether or not there was a new op-ed from Paul Krugman.)

So, that’s it. My day has been ruined.

Fuck the world.

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