I just got a note from Chelsea Lowe lamenting the fact that there is no more sunshine in the evenings. In it, she shares an idea of her fathers, one that I thought all of you might enjoy.

How can we get standard time repealed? I know: daylight savings time would mean terribly dark mornings — but what about my father’s idea of a half-hour compromise? What if, instead of 4 p.m. (standard time) or 5 (daylight), we had 4:30 instead, and never had to change the f’pishta clocks back and forth? Don’t you think depression rates would fall? I mean, everyone knows people become more depressed with the vanishing daylight. What do you think?

So, lets just assume that you all like this idea as much as I do… What do we do next? Who do you call about getting something like this voted on? Is this the kind of thing that we still let the United Nations pretend theyre in charge of? Seriously, I think that this is a good idea. If youre a scientist or something and you know of some reason why its not, write in and let me know. It seems to make sense to me though.

So, for what good itll do, I am hereby throwing my support behind Chelseas fathers idea. (I suspect that should start the ball rolling with the international press.)

Oh, as for sundowning, the term I used in the title to this post, you can go here for a definition. I learned about it from my friends who are social workers.

Should we try to learn a new word everyday at Perhaps after we radically alter the way the world deals with time, we can focus on vocabulary.

So, heres the to do list, in case you havent been keeping notes.

Remove Bush from office
Reinstate civil liberties
Eliminate the worlds dependence on crude oil
Instate Chelseas fathers compromise on time
Work on our vocabulary

Are we all in agreement? Good. Lets get to work.

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