sunday wrap-up

Hey, I wanted to write about New Orleans this weekend, but it took longer than wed anticipated to tie things up with the new issue of Crimewave. We worked on the CW database all day Saturday (rebuilding what was lost in the last big computer crash) and today we completed the first round of mailing. That means that by the end of next week, all of you who are either subscribers or contributors should have one in your hands (or feet, if youre one of those people with no hands that uses your feet like hands) I havent talked about it here in a while, but Im still doing one comic strip every two weeks for the Ann Arbor Paper. So I had to get one of those written and sent out today too And then there was the house cleaning, and the cooking, and the laundry. We even decided to change the cat litter and the sheets on our bed! Its like were expecting some kind of inspection. (I’d better run around the house and make sure all the loose ends on our toilet paper rolls have been folded into triangles.)

Lets move on to more exciting news The Shonen Knife show on Friday night was great, and the interview came off without any significant problems. Id say more, but I want to save it for an article in the next issue of Crimewave, which Im really hoping we can get out in the next six months. Linette and I dont want to wait an entire year again. We want to see if we can do two a year. So, if you have an idea for an article that youd like to pitch for #16, let us know. If we like it, well either steal it for ourselves, or ask you to write it for us for free!

Oh, and I picked up dog shit in the yard today. Ive been putting it off for quite a while now. Its gotten to the point where about half of the ones that I find are moldy. I dont know if its the food that we give her, but her shit, after about two weeks, begins to grow a kind of light grey fuzz. Maybe thats true of all shit that lays around in unattended to yards. Ive never paid much attention to decomposing shit before having a dog though If youre interested, I could change this whole site to be all about decomposing dog shit. Just give me the word and Ill get my people on it.

Well, guess what I found while out picking up dog shit? Yup, I found my third fake vagina container! This one was on the street, right across the street from my house. This ones called either the Hustler Cyber Skin or the Hustler Cyber Skank. I cant make out the letters after the sk. Heres a photo

This one says that it has Virtual Touch Pussy technology. Its amazing the progress that Im seeing. It was less than a year ago, I think, that I found the box for the Auto Jill on my front lawn. That, if I remember correctly, seemed to be little more than an empty beer can lined with felt. This, however, looks pretty high-tech. In another decade, Ill probably be tripping over real vaginas on my way to get the morning paper Scientists will be growing them on the backs of mice.

Do you guys remember the mouse that had the human ear growing on its back? I wonder whatever happened to him. Can someone do some research on that?

Im going to start handing out assignments.

No more free rides and

So, no more posts until someone tells me what happened to that little mouse that was sporting the cloned human ear.

Here, before I say goodbye forever though, is a photo of Shonen Knife.

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