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Were you ever curious to know the story of the man who invented Sponge on a Stick? Well, how about the story of Presidential hopeful Wesley Clark? Or what ever happened to that banjo-playing kid from Deliverance?

I dont have a way to weave all of these threads together. I wish I did, but I dont. I was working on something, an idea for a TV show that would feature all three, kind of like a newer, hipper A Team. Each week they would teach a morbidly obese American how to bathe with the Sponge on a Stick and then solve a crime using state of the art military techniques. The soundtrack would be live, electric banjo I am very tired. Please excuse me. I will try to post my Spiegelman notes tomorrow night, once I get home from seeing New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. (This is a very busy week at

If you have the time, read that New Yorker piece on Clark. It’s quite good.

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