new orleans stop number one, the home of the original debris sandwich

Back in the olden days we had something here at called a Debris Sandwich. It wasnt really so much a sandwich as it was a mouthwatering heap of news on a soggy roll. It contained bits of everything; politics, sex, fiction, science, history, conspiracy theory, alternative fuel, visionary art. You name it. It had a little bit of everything, all jammed in together. I called in the Debris Sandwich in honor of one of my favorite sandwichs in the world, which is itself called the Debris Sandwich.

The Debris Sandwich, as you get it at a place called Mothers in New Orleans (401 Poydras Street), is like a meat version of what I serve here. Its got bits of ham, brisket, roast beef and all kinds of stuff, all thrown into a bun with some coleslaw and pickles. The way it was explained to me, the Debris Sandwich is constructed from garbage, all the stuff they couldnt put on other sandwiches. As they slice meat for other orders, all the little bits get thrown together to marinate. The people at Mothers just scrape it all off to the side and they let it sit and stew in its own greasy juices.

Well, when Linette and I went to New Orleans last week, our first stop after dropping off the bags at the hotel was to go Mothers and stand in line Its been my experience that there is always a line at Mothers.

This is me, sitting patiently in my chair at Mothers after placing my order at the counter.

And this is none other than the original Debris Sandwich. Doesnt it look good?

It really does, “melt in your mouth.”

Actually, it is with more than a little sadness that I look at these photos. Linette and I have, since our return from New Orleans, been talking more and more seriously about reverting to our old vegan ways. Yes, the era of the Debris Sandwich might soon be over. Perhaps from now on, I will have to serve the news rolled up like Mixed Grilled Veggies in an Organic Corn Tortilla. It doesnt quite pack the same punch, but Im sure youll adjust.

So, if you do eat meat, and if youre in New Orleans, I would highly suggest Mothers. Linette and I had the fried oyster and catfish plate and the Debris Sandwich with macaroni and cheese, turnip green and red beans and rice, and we couldnt have been any happier. Trust me when I say, stop number one on your tour of N.O. should be Mothers. (I think its been around since 1943.)

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