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OK, we finally got the new issue of the magazine up on the Crimewave website where you can order it with Paypal. If you like and want to support what it is that were doing here, Id like to ask that you at least think about buying a copy for yourself. Its a pretty good magazine. (It may not be our best ever, but its certainly our longest.) Plus, if you get it now, you can read it and then give it away to someone else as a Christmas present! It makes perfect sense you know that it does.

So, please go to the Crimewave site and buy a copy before I wish cancer on you. (note: I don’t really want to wish cancer on you. Don’t worry. If you follow that link, you’ll understand. Itll take you to a great article about Rosie ODonnell wishing death on one of her former Rosie magazine employees.)

Look how fucking cute the new cover is! How can you not want to own that?

Before you start calling me a commercial whore, I’d like to say a few things in my defense. First, Im not asking for a lot. The new issue is just $4, plus shipping. That works out to be like an eighth of a cent per day for a month, or something like that. Its nothing Second, I dont have ads here at I dont have sponsors. And, unlike NPR, Im not just looking for handouts. Im suggesting that we make a fair and equitable exchange. You send me money and I send you a thick, meaty magazine, stuffed full of words and pictures that you can’t find anywhere else… I havent actually done the math yet, but my guess is that Crimewave has twice as many words in it than an issue of Time does. Just think of the value. Its like youre getting a free word for every one you buy.

And, if you act now, Ill even throw in the videotape of my friend Carrottop having sex with hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

OK, that wasnt true. Im not friends with Carrottop and I dont have a copy of the tape of he and Paris Hilton making love. I just heard about it on the news tonight like everyone else

So, please consider buying this issue, or getting a subscription. (bonus: If you get a subscription, we dont charge for postage.)

OK, that was it. That was my ad. It was the hardest thing Ive ever had to write. I dont like begging… Now, please, please, please buy a copy. I don’t want for you to die of cancer.

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