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Bobby Kennedy Jr., the son of Robert “on to Chicago” Kennedy, is an environmental activist and head of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). This month, hes written an article for Rolling Stone outlining the damage that has been done to the environment during the Bush administration. It is scathing. In it Kennedy calls Bush the worst American President on environmental issues, bar none. In the process, he also does an admirable job of relating environmental movements throughout history, since the dark ages Heres a good quote from the RS article:

The White House has masked its attacks with euphemisms that would have embarrassed George Orwell. George W. Bush’s “Healthy Forests” initiative promotes destructive logging of old-growth forests. His “Clear Skies” program, which repealed key provisions of the Clean Air Act, allows more emissions. The administration uses misleading code words such as streamlining or reforming instead of weakening, and thinning instead of logging. (W)e have 30 major environmental laws that are now being eviscerated. All of the investment we have made in our environmental infrastructure since Earth Day 1970 is now being undermined in a three-year period of astonishing activity.

Today, hes also interviewed in Salon about the RS article. Heres a quote from that interview:

The NRDC Web site lists over 200 environmental rollbacks by the White House in the last two years. If even a fraction of those are actually implemented, we will effectively have no significant federal environmental law left in our country by this time next year. That’s not exaggeration, it’s not hyperbole, it is a fact.

As I say in the Rolling Stone article, many of our laws will remain on the books in one form or another. But we’ll be Mexico, which has these wonderful, even poetic, environmental laws, but nobody knows about them and nobody complies with them because they can’t be enforced

Three of my sons have asthma and I watch them struggle to breathe on bad air days. And it’s just scandalous to me that these polluters can give millions to Bush and suddenly all these environmental regulations are thrown out the window. These guys in Washington are selling huge chunks of America’s natural resources, they have our government up for sale to the highest bidder, and they’re getting away with it scot-free.”

The one encouraging thing that I got from these various Kennedy pieces was a better understanding of Arnold Schwarzeneggers environmental policy. Kennedy says that Arnold will be the best Governor for the environment that the state of California has seen in some time, and, after reading everything he has to say, I believe him. Apparently, Arnold has not only sought Kennedy’s advice in building an environmental team, but he is beginning to put their recommendations into action.

In closing, I would like to say that while Rolling Stone may have its brilliant and timely article by Bobby Kennedy Jr, the next issue of Crimewave USA magazine may very well have an interview with Saved by the Bell star Dustin “Screech” Diamond.

Thank you.

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