things didnt work out like id hoped

My intention was to get out of work this afternoon, go to the gym and then blog. That was my intention. Instead, shortly after lunch, I got a flu shot. I got it because it was free. (Id get my head sawn off it was free.) It threw off my entire schedule.

They were giving them out in the basement of the building where I work. Some people told me that these women were down there with free needles and, like a sheep, I followed them down the stairs. I didnt ask any questions. And, when I got there, I didnt ask for their credentials. I just got in line and rolled up my sleeve. It didnt occur to me until a few minutes afterward that these people could have been shooting me full of anything.

It amazes me that I can go into full panic mode thinking that someone might have sprayed poison on the salad bar at Old Country Buffet, but that I can willingly stand in a line and get shot full of some unknown fluid without even asking what it is.

When I got back to my desk and started working, I started to worry that my arm and tongue were going numb. It was at that point that the possibility that Id been poisoned crossed my mind. I didnt actually believe it, but it did occur to me as a possibility. My arm got stiff and my heart started to race. Thats when I decided not to go to the gym. Working out, I thought, would just make the poison course though my veins faster.

It was at about the same time that I got a note from Linette, asking me out to the bowling alley bar after work. I decided to take her up on her offer Now its six hours later and were back home watching Tivo.

The bar was good. It took my mind off my throbbing arm

At one point, I was standing at the urinal, reading the graffiti on the wall in front of me. I saw something funny, a drawing of a butt, and I thought that I should take the camera-phone out of my pocket and take a shot of it. So, as I was standing there, with the thing in my hand (the camera-phone), the door behind me swung open. A guy came through the door right as it (the camera-phone) was making the chic chic sound. In my panic, I tried to shove it (the camera-phone) into my pocket. I was mortified. Im convinced that the guy thought that I was standing at the urinal taking a picture of what was in my other hand.

OK, I want to watch Tivo with Linette now. I will write more tomorrow.

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