i want to go to bed and read, so ill make this fast

I wanted to whip up and old-fashioned debris sandwich for you tonight, but there just isnt enough time. Its a shame too, because Ive got all the fixins for a great one. Instead, Im just going to throw everything out here on the table for you. You can feel free to pick and choose as you like.

But be careful – Im not even going to label the meats, and some of them, I’m pretty sure, are spoiled.

First, theres an interesting opinion piece by Joe Klein in the new issue of Time concerning our Presidents relationship with the Cheney. It seems as though a lot of people are beginning to pile on Cheney these days, probably with good reason. Today, in the New York Times, Maureen Dowd also took aim at our Vice President, whom she says is, usurping the presidency.

The New York Times didnt seem to hold all bad news for the administration today, however. According to Nicholas Kristof, Valerie Plame Willsons cover might have been blown some time ago, by spy Aldrich Ames. If thats the case, and if she was pulled out of the field eight years ago, as Kristof asserts, then perhaps the charge that the White House leak endangered the lives of Plame and her contacts abroad might not hold water. Still wrong, yes, but perhaps not requiring mandatory jail time.

Speaking of being blown some time ago (Thats where I would have segued into a story about either Bill Clinton or Hugh Grant if Id had one handy. Unfortunately, I dont.)

Back to the Plame Affair, the Washington Post reports today that investigators are now looking back prior to the leak, trying to piece together the timeline leading up to the outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. The article is fairly comprehensive in laying out the administrations campaign to discredit Plames husband, ex-ambassador Joe Wilson, before declaring his wife fair game.

Im curious to know what the elder Bush makes of all this. As he was the former head of the CIA, he no doubt has some alliance to that organization, an organization that, it seems, is not at all happy with his sons administration, especially since they leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent for political purposes. It makes me wonder what Thanksgiving might be like this year for the Bush family.

While were on the subject of little Bush, heres an article from the UKs Globe and Mail titled, Impeach Bush Now. It would seem as though they arent as willing to pin everything on Cheney as we are. The thing I liked best about this article was the invocation of Alexander Hamilton and his discussion of impeachment due to the violation of some public trust. It would seem to me that what were seeing unfold before us now is exactly that. The public was clearly hoodwinked into believing that there was a clear and present threat when the administration knew full well that there wasnt.

But there wasnt just bad news today. No, there was also cause to have hope for the future of the world. Apparently scientists finally made it possible for monkeys to control machinery using their minds.

If you dont believe me, heres video proof.

OK, Im tired and I need to go to bed I was going to tell you of my plans to assemble a band of monkeys who play instruments through robots controlled by telepathy, but I cant seem to summon the energy.

Please forgive me.


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