holy warrior

According to the folks at MSNBC, we just promoted a former commander of Army Special Forces, Lt. Gen. William Jerry Boykin, to deputy undersecretary of defense. In that position, Boykin will be the man responsible for hunting down high-value terrorist targets like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Given his extensive military background, he sounds like a good pick. Oh, but then theres that little thing about him being an absolutely insane Christian fanatic who has made public statements in the past about our god being the true god and the god of the Muslims being an idol. He has also said that this war were presently in is not really a war with men, but with Satan. And, if that werent enough, he has also said that the American people didnt elect George Bush so much as God did I guess I could concede that the American people didn’t elect Bush, but I dont know about that second part.

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