chicken in the rough

Linette and I went out to that restaurant I told you about yesterday, the one that changes their 1934 prices once a year, on the third Monday of October (today). We both ate half of a fried chicken, the specialty of the house, something known as chicken in the rough. Together, our bill was $1.00 (before the addition of beer and an enormous slice of coconut cream pie). We were a bit disappointed to find out that they werent offering their entire 1934 menu at 1934 prices there was no 75-cent filet mignon but we were happy as clams with our 50-cent chickens and shoestring potatoes.

Its probably a good thing that they werent offering inexpensive steaks. If Id gotten a 75-cent sirloin, I swear that Id be talking about it for the rest of my life. Id never meet a person without telling about the great 75-cent steak that Id eaten at Haabs in 2003… I think that would be my ultimate achievement here on Earth.

We took a long time eating. We were seated right in the window and we were looking out on the long, slow-moving line of people waiting to get in. We just sat there and slowly licked our chicken bones clean, leaning back and sighing between mouthfuls Every once in a while Id pick up my jacket to make it appear as though we were getting ready to leave, and then act as though I were weighting my options in my head. Id inevitably sit down again and start sucking on another chicken bone. It was sadistic, but fun. (And it only cost a dollar!)

Then, continuing the cheap date fun, we went to the public library where I became hypnotized by the cartoon-like ass of Britney Spears on the cover of Esquire. Then it was off to the Tap Room for a few more drinks and loving talk of our new, beautiful furnace.

Small town life can be nice sometimes.

Oh, I almost forgot We officially won the war with Iraq. The first Burger King has started flame-broiling in Baghdad.

With that little bit of good news, I will say goodnight.

But before I go, heres another story. This ones from the Washington Post. Its an in-depth exploration into why people so hate our President. Heres a clip:

It’s Bush’s radical policies, says the 31-year-old New Republic writer, and his unfair tax cuts, and his cowboy phoniness, and his favors for corporate cronies, and his heist in Florida, and his dishonesty about his silver-spoon upbringing, and, oh yes, the way he walks and talks.

Well, as long as Im on the subject, heres part of the most recent speech given by senator Robert Byrd, one of the first politicians, from what I can recall, to speak out against Bush.

I cannot stand by and continue to watch our grandchildren become increasingly burdened by the billions that fly out of the Treasury for a war and a policy based largely on propaganda and prevarication. We are borrowing $87 billion to finance this adventure in Iraq. The President is asking this Senate to pay for this war with increased debt, a debt that will have to be paid by our children and by those same troops that are currently fighting this war. I cannot support outlandish tax cuts that plunge our country into potentially disastrous debt while our troops are fighting and dying in a war that the White House chose to begin.

I cannot support the continuation of a policy that unwisely ties down 150,000 American troops for the foreseeable future, with no end in sight.

I cannot support a President who refuses to authorize the reasonable change in course that would bring traditional allies to our side in Iraq.

I cannot support the politics of zeal and “might makes right” that created the new American arrogance and unilateralism which passes for foreign policy in this Administration.

I cannot support this foolish manifestation of the dangerous and destabilizing doctrine of preemption that changes the image of America into that of a reckless bully.

The emperor has no clothes. And our former allies around the world were the first to loudly observe it.

Oh, and while were on the subject of people saying hurtful things, did you hear that the Pope named Mother Theresa the Patron Saint of Gutters today? How would you like to work your whole fucking life, sacrificing and taking care of the poor, only to be rewarded with a title like “Saint of Gutters”? …I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like someone wasted their entire life.

I suppose its a good thing that the Pope liked her. I hear the Catholic church still has openings for Patron Saints in all the following growth areas: Backed-up Septic Tanks, Genetically Modified Corn Products, Bloody Discharge and Dirty Needle Exchanges.

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