this week jumps the shark

Im glad that David Brinkleys not alive to see what that little George Stephanopoulos did with his Sunday morning TV show, This Week. They went though some kind of radical redesign and re-launched this week and the show totally sucks. Ive been watching This Week for the better part 20 years and I can say with some confidence that I wont ever watch it again. They removed the best thing about the show, the roundtable discussion of current events that came at the end. David Brinkley perfected that format on television and its served the show well these past few decades. I cant see why theyd give it the axe now. A focus group no doubt told that it was stale and antiquated. And little prince Stephanopoulos no doubt wanted to put his mark on it.

I stuck around after Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson got the boot, but thats as far as Im willing to go. I know when to jump ship and look for another news program. Im not going to waste a good hour of my weekend time watching Stephanopoulos strut around his new high-tech soundstage and pretend to push buttons that launch video clips and all the rest of it. Its absolutely ridiculous The worst part is, they started, as a regular segment, showing what the late night talk show hosts are saying about events in the news. Its absolutely, fucking insane. Essentially, theyve decided to shoot for higher ratings even if it means attracting the lowest common denominator.

I hope so hope that David Brinkleys ghost pays Stephanopoulos a visit tonight.

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