the lost weekend

Linette and I stayed in for pretty much the entire weekend, working on the new issue of Crimewave. I dont want to complain I really love the magazine but it sucks. Its a lot of fucking work. (We never would have started it a decade ago if we knew it was going to be this difficult.)

There was some good news though. I found out I was one of the winners of the Surgery of Modern Warfare Photo Contest. Amy apparently liked the blood-filled eye photo that I sent to her.

Oh, last night, while we were out walking the dog, Linette and I noticed two huge busses emblazoned with the Bacardi logo I think its a giant bat, or an inkblot, or something and the words, Red Hot Tour. As a marketing guy by trade, I suspected that the busses were probably full of busty young woman who would be introducing a new Bacardi product at some shitty frat bar that evening. I got home and I started doing some research. I found this site, were someone documents what goes on inside the busses.

Apparently, the women bring you on the buss to play naughty games, like to see who can blow up a cock-shaped balloon the fastest and stuff like that. Its stupid, but I considered going back that night with my camera to document the festivities for a Crimewave expose… Then I just felt old and pathetic. I closed the door to drown out the sounds of partying college kids and I got back to work on the magazine.

At some point during the night, I checked my emails and found this note waiting for me. I wont say who it was from, so dont even ask.

new love should be calling soon..her mom should be dead any mintue andw e can start making loive..

And there were some things I wanted to mention on 9/11 but didnt have time to.

Heres a great Philadelphia News article on the still unanswered questions from 9/11.

And heres a Chuck Close-like kind of interpretation of our President made up of a thousand points of light. or are those assholes?

Why did Bush keep reading to kids at a school in Florida well after he knew that the first plane, and even the second plane, had struck the World Trade Center? Heres a guy whos trying to figure it all out.

And, lastly, heres the transcription of a note that I must have jotted that day and stuck in my pocket:

Either the government is covering something up, or there was no terrorism in the US yesterday, in spite of all the indications given by al Queda that there would be. In the back of my mind though, Im picturing John Ridder and Johnny Cash strapping bombs to themselves and walking into densely populated cafes. That couldnt have happened, could it? Couldn’t the government be hiding that from us, the knowledge that our entertainment icons are turning against us? Isnt it at all possible that they were Manchurian Candidates, programmed assassins unaware of their mission until such time that they were called into action by their operators?

OK, that wasnt so funny. Im sorry about that. I felt, however, in the interest of full-disclosure, that I owed it to you.

My hair right now is matted with the guts of the hundred mosquitoes that Ive squashed this evening and I need to get back to working on the magazine. Remember, if you want to place an ad, its still not too late.

For what its worth, I really am sad about the deaths of Johnny Cash and John Ritter I love the Johnny Cash episode of Columbo. Its one of my favorites. And I feel as though John Ritter probably was a pretty decent guy in real life. I think thats pretty rare given the industry that he found himself working in.

You should go out and buy a Johnny Cash album if you dont already have one. It would be a nice way to pay your respects. I mean that.

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