salinger, panties, etc

One of your fellow readers, as I type this entry, is in Cornish, New Hampshire, right around the corner from JD Salingers house. I dont know if hell go through with it, but Im trying to convince him to go up, knock on the door and present Mr. Salinger with a free issue of Crimewave and an offer. One hundred dollars cash in exchange for a 25-word short story. How cool would it be if the next issue of Crimewave had a short story by J.D. Salinger, even if it was just 25 words? Fuck, Id settle for a 7-word short story and Id throw in a free pair of Ypsipanties.

Jeff Kay, you might have readers willing to flyer the home of Private Jessica Lynch in West Virginia, but Ive got people on my team that hunting down modern literary masters! If this happens, I win!

While were on the subject of fanciful dreams thatll never materialize, I should let you know that the interview with Iggy Pop still hasnt happened. Its been about three weeks since his record company said theyd set it up and I havent heard a word from them. Im getting very close to giving up. The good news is, I have a fallback plan, one that might even be more entertaining than an interview with the man that created punk rock. I cant tell you what it is though. Youll have to wait.

I just thought of something that might make a nice little contest here at Whoever gives me the best answer to the following question will earn him or herself an original Mark Maynard drawing!

Heres the question:

Where do you think that our President would be today if he were born into a family of working class people?

Mr. Salinger, youre welcome to play if you like.

Responses are due by Friday at 5:00.

Now I really need to get back to working on Crimewave. We absolutely have to finish before the new TV season starts.

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