kooks, conspiracies and the unexplained

Dough Skinner wants you to know about a mystery illness thats hitting our troops in the Middle East, at least according to this Socialist party site.

And heres a great article on the Toynbee tile mystery.

And Patty the purse-maker sends in this bit of paranoid fantasy, from Chicago. Im only posting it because I love her. (Actually, there is a story here. Someone in the administration did out the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson as a CIA operative and thus compromise her safety and that of her foreign contacts. This was done coincidentally after Wilson began speaking out publicly against the administrations handling of the situation in the Middle East. As far as I know, Karl Rove is not the grandson of a Nazi though, and Powell is not considering filing any homicide charges against the President, or whatever it is that this article claims.)

More conspiracy stuff to follow.

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