gay hotel, president bush, and reality tv that isnt

The idea was to come straight home after work and get to work on Crimewave. That was the idea. What actually happened though was that Linette and opened a bottle of wine and began planning our trip to New Orleans. We got our plane tickets, made hotel reservations and all the rest of if. Right now were trying to decide whether or not it makes sense to pay $50 more a night to live with a gay couple in their home. Linette says, yes. Im leaning toward, no. And Im not leaning that way because Im homophobic. Im leaning that way because Im cheap. (If it were cheaper I’d sleep in bed with them.) Linette wants to stay with them, at their bed and breakfast, because they apparently provide you with free Aveda products. They also, I think, might have a pot-bellied pig that lives at the house with them. I might be confusing them with another gay couple in New Orleans though. (Linette loves potbellied pigs.) It seems that lots of gay couples run bed and breakfasts in New Orleans. Its like Korean families owning convenience stores in South Central Los Angeles My guess is that well end up coughing up the extra money and staying with these guys. Their place looks pretty cool, and their neighborhood, just off the French Quarter, sounds interesting Fuck, its only money, right?

Retirement accounts are for loosers!

Yesterday, I had an idea for the title of the upcoming Monkey Power Trio record – Saliva, Blood, Semen, and a Hair Clipping. When everything is said and done, thats pretty much what we are, isnt it? It wouldnt necessarily say those words – there would just be four small, sealed bubbles of plastic containing those items. It would be like the Beatles white album, only with sperm and saliva too.

Linette went off to her office to work and Im just sitting here reading articles off the web. If you dont mind, Ill pass along a few links. Heres one that really pissed me off. Its an article on viral marketing and how companies are hiring cute, young girls to go into bars and mention brands of alcohol and other consumer products. My friend Dans wife, Jen, was the first person to tell me about this. She did it about six years ago. She went from bar to bar ordering a certain kind of martini and she got paid for it! (At the same time, I was busting my ass at Kinkos, working for close to minimum wage. I remember being incredibly jealous.) The practice is getting a bit more insidious now though. Now theyre apparently having the women not just talk about their products loudly (hey, does anyone know where I could find a new Xerox d-1050 color copier? Its really a great little copier, perfect for the home or office), but theyre having them act. In this article, they talk with women who are hired to go into bars and buy men drinks saying things like, Its my 21st birthday and I want to buy you a —–. Its my favorite drink, blah, blah, blah. Its that kind of story that makes me feel sick about the world.

Whens that damned asteroid getting here anyway?! Im getting impatient.

I cant read anything but the first few paragraphs because Im not a subscriber of Salon, but it looks as though theyve got a pretty good article over there today. The widow of a man who died in the World Trade Center on 911 reviews the Showtime film “DC 9/11: Time of Crisis. The film, which was helped along by Karl Rove, shows the President to be a courageous leader in time of crisis. The reviewer, Kristen Breitweiser, doesnt share this opinion. Heres what she has to say, in part:

It is understandable that so little time is actually devoted to the president’s true actions on the morning of 9/11. Because to show the entire 23 minutes from 9:03 to 9:25 a.m., when President Bush, in reality, remained seated and listening to “second grade story-hour” while people like my husband were burning alive inside the World Trade Center towers, would run counter to Karl Rove’s art direction and grand vision.

Fuck. Thats got to sting I had to read that over a few times it packs a hell of a wallop.

If you have access to Salon, could you cut and paste the whole article and send it to me in an email? Is it illegal for me to ask you that? If it is, I didnt really mean it. It was just a joke. (I would like to read the whole thing though.)

And, while were talking about this fantastic work for revisionist history, heres the link to the New York Times piece on the subject. They speak with the conservative filmmaker behind the project and get him to discuss the role that Karl Rove played in seeing the screenplay written, etc.

I love this country as much as I love anything, but sometimes I just have to wonder how we got this way. How did we get to a point where 69% of us would believe that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 911 attacks when theres no evidence to support that claim? How did we get to the point where a regular guy could be see as a hero just for climbing out of a fighter jet onto the deck of an aircraft carrier? Who would have thought that wed get to a point where political advisors would be rewriting history for mass consumption? Sure, George Washington never really chopped down a cherry tree. I get that. I know that weve always wrapped our history and our leaders in myth, but when did reality completely leave the picture? Was it when the press didnt mention that Roosevelt was wheelchair-bound? Has it been building since then?

OK, Ive been drinking wine. I admit that. It just pisses me off. Its like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where everyone just decides to give in and become a drone. Fighting is too hard. Its easier to just go with it. Its hard enough just to keep making it to work every morning. Whos got the time and energy to do research? Who feels secure enough to make waves?

I know this is a boring rant for most of you. What if I link to a story about a man who mails himself in a cargo crate from Boston to Dallas? Is that what youd rather hear about? Thats funny, right?

Fuck. I need to go to bed.

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