“arrghhh…must bite tongue”

I’m in a bad mood, and as much as I’d really like to share some of my debilitating anger with you, I’m trying to exercise self-restraint. I’m trying not to say things tonight that I’ll regret tomorrow when I find myself without a…

That is all I can say.

Please come back tomorrow. If I haven’t either popped or imploded, I will be back here, behind my desk, in my blogging leotard, sharing my words of inspiration and hope.


I really am in a pissed off mood.

I know I should stop right here. I should stop typing, go upstairs, and get into bed…

But I’d rather bitch about my….. Arrrghhhh…. must bite tongue….


What the fuck good is a blog if I can’t vent?

OK, I really am going to go now.

Or… I could just start another blog account where no one knows me. Hmmmm…. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea.


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