Theres an article in todays New York Times about a magazine called Vice. Ive never seen an issue… Anyway, the article about this magazine and the Canadian guys who started it and brought it to New York pretty much ruined my morning. I dont have time to get into the details now, but you should read the article if you have a chance.

The fact that the guys behind the magazine have been able to grow their zine into an empire worth millions that encompasses film, music, fashion, television and retail would have made me hate them anyway, but theres so much more than just jealousy thats at work here.

I convinced myself over my French toast that they are not just evil, but that theyre the anti-Crimewave. The good news is that this realization has convinced me that I need to work even harder on our little magazine. I feel like battle lines are being drawn Youre either with us or your with them.

Oh, I should also add that Linette came home and things are pretty much back to normal. Shes still working on the magazine. She even bought me an old Flaming Lips record that I didnt have.

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