Linette and I went out walking though the 25th annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival yesterday afternoon. On our way back home, we walked up Michigan Avenue, where we noticed that our friend, Jennifer, had placed our “Iggy Pop was born in Ypsilanti” shirt and our “Ypsipanties” in the front window display of her store. Its a pretty cool feeling to walk by a store and see your stuff in the window Here are a few photos:

I love this next picture. It turned out really well. I like the way the “Ypsipanties” are superimposed over my reflection.

On the subject of the Iggy Pop shirt, in addition to all the orders (thanks, again), I did get a note from one guy telling me that we might want to check our facts. He said that hed heard that Iggy was born in Muskegon, Michigan To be honest with all of you, we had heard that too. We found a few sources on-line. Half of them said he was born and raised in Ypsi, and half of them said that he was born in Muskegon, but that he grew up in Ypsilanti. Linette and I have discussed it and we think that if we do another run of the shirts, well change the text to say, Iggy Pop grew up in Ypsilanti. Theres no controversy as far as thats concerned For what its worth, Linette and I still think that he was born here. (If the interview comes off this week like I want it to, Ill be able to ask him myself. Stay tuned.)

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