the world-famous debris sandwich is soggy with happy hour beer

Yes, soggy with beer. Linette and I werent planning on it, but we ended up going out for drinks this evening. As much as it shames me to say it, there were also hamburgers involved, and baskets of french fries. Right now, Im sitting here, feeling bloated, greasy, slightly drunk and ashamed. My plan was to mow the lawn and pay bills this evening. Instead, I drank black and tans and ate what the menu referred to as a gutbuster, a burger stacked high with shaved ham, cheese and bacon. I have fallen almost as low as a former vegan can fall.

The cool thing is that, on the way home, Linette was stopped on the street by a man who noticed her Iggy Pop was born in Ypsilanti shirt. He pointed it out to his friend and then asked Linette, Whered you get that, on Crimewave USA dot com? It was fucking weird. The guy knew the shirt and he knew the website, but he didnt know us.

OK, I have some news stuff I want to pass along today. Here it is:

Stanford professor Lawrence Lessigs site today features guest commentary by presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich on the subject of First Energy, the corporation that arranged for my Amish weekend, a corporation that hes had several run-ins with in the past as an elected official in Cleveland. Lets just say candidate Kucinich isnt a fan of deregulation when it comes to public utilities.

Its probably not legitimate, but this site says that Al-Qeda may be claiming responsibility for the big power outage that I just blamed on First Energy.

Todays New York Times includes an editorial piece on the subject of FOX Newss suit against Al Frankin over his use of the term fair and balanced, which they claim to own. The author of the article suggests that Paul Newman is considering a suit against the office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) because he once played the title character in the film HUD. That in itself isnt terribly clever, especially since Spike Lee really did just sue the Spike TV network (formerly TNN) over the name Spike in real life, but the article goes on to claim that the Ypsilanti Hot Dog and Bean Shop is considering the tag line, fair and balanced. Its not very often that one sees the name of Ypsilanti, the town I live in, mentioned in the New York Times. In the back of my mind, Im thinking that the author is sending me a secret message of some kind. Im not quite sure what that message is, but the reference to the hot dog makes me think that its probably sexual Or, maybe its a sign from God that I should open a Hot Dog and Bean shop Or, maybe Linette and I should star in a TV show called Hot Dog and Bean, in which we fight crime on the streets of Ypsilanti. Id be Detective Hot Dog and shed be my street-wise informant, Bean.

Saudi Arabian Islamic extremists are making their way toward Iraq like strains of VD for the fertile fields of Pamela Anderson No, theyre making their way for Iraq like UCLA football players for Rod Stewarts mouth No, thats not quite right either. How about this? Saudi Arabian Islamic extremists are making their way for Iraq like hungry orphans for Mia Farrow.

And theres a good article in The Nation about US and British press coverage of their respective administrations.

OK, thats all that I have time an patience for this evening. Ill try to do better tomorrow.

Goodnight, my imaginary friends.

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