the stooges!

I only have ten minutes, so this has got to be fast. Im leaving at 3:00 to drive to my friends Steves house. (I took the afternoon off from work.) He and I are going to have a pizza, drink a few beers, and go to the Stooges show tonight in Detroit. Ive been looking forward to it for weeks.

Heres a review of the other nights Stooges show in New York. It sounds good.

Dan and I saw Iggy play in New York about fifteen years ago, when he was on the Raw Fucking Power tour. I had a great time… Lost my hearing for several days.

I wanted to blog last night, but Linette and I didnt get back until late from a county fair somewhere in the hinterlands of Michigan. Wed gone with our friends Patty and Andy to see the figure eight races. Ive got pictures, but theyll have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, before I go, heres a link to a page at Arianna Huffingtons site. If you want to tell your friends in California about her run for Governor, you can send them notes from there.

Oh, one more thing, I just got a series of photos from Mr. Smallwood. Hes the first to pick up the gauntlet and accept the challenge of the West Virginia Surf Report readers. He drove thousands of miles to the nations capital to flyer the city with advertising for Heres just the first of the series. More to follow.


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