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Hey, do you know John Peel? You probably do. Hes an English DJ on BBC Radio 1. Hes quite famous. Youve probably seen records around that say, Peel Sessions. Hes an institution in the UK. Hes been at it for about forty years Well, somehow, on Wednesday evening, he got it into his head to introduce the United Kingdom to the Monkey Power Trio.

I was going to write about colonizing the moon tonight, but I cant seem to get over the fact that I just heard my voice yelling nonsense on John Peels radio show (its archived at Peels site – just click on Wednesday, August 20). Its surreal. It seems like just a few years ago that I was sitting in the basement of my parents house, listening to the Jimi Hendrixs Peel Sessions with my friend Dan. Now he and I are hearing Peel talk about our band Thats the weird thing too. He doesnt just play our song. He talks about our band.

He reads a letter we sent to him (never thinking that hed actually listen to the record, let alone like it) and then says he wants all of our records now that hes heard the two that we shipped over. He then talks about our website and gives the url. He tells people to check it out.

Weve never, in the nine years of our existence been played on anything other than college radio in the U.S. (except for the Fox Sports ad), and here we are being heard by an entire fucking continent (BBC Radio 1, I believe, covers all of England and Scottland). Its mind-blowing.

And, I should add, its not the money that Im getting excited about. Given the fact that we didnt set up our website to account for international postage, well lose money on every item we sell. Thats OK though. Its just terribly exciting to know that people somewhere like what were doing, and get the project.

Here are a few notes that were left in our website guestbook:

I consider myself fortunate to have heard ‘You’ve gotta have hope’ on John Peels show last night. It was the most refreshing thing i have heard in a long time, and now consider it vital to get hold of more. -Simon J. Mason

i fuckin love u. u are my new favorite people. your musical excellence overwhelms the senses and fills me with joy. -sticky poo

I too have just heard your song on John Peel’s show. In a world where we cannot turn around without seeing a clean cut, bleached blonde, fashion consulted, pretty singing in a voice so trained it could sit down if you told it to, you are the breath of fresh air. You make music with passion and desire and that’s what makes it wonderful. That is all. -Cameron Phillips

How fucking cool is that?

Not everyone loved us. During the course of Peels show, people kept sending him emails about us. Hed chime in every now and then and read one. One guy said that we should be retained to write a new national anthem for the UK. Another one, however, asked that he never play us again, or something like that. If you want to hear these comments and such, Dave (the thumb of the band) just edited some of them together into a short sound file. You can download it at the Monkey Power website.

Note: Linette just called from the bar. A few minutes ago the tornado warning went off and she was ushered into their 150 year old basement. I heard the sirens going off too, but I sat here at the table, working on the blog. I wanted you all to know that I chose you over my own life. Remember that the next time I plead with you to buy Ypsipanties. I was willing TO DIE for you!

Oh, I have a question for some of my English readers. What does it mean when someone says that something is pants? My guess is that it isnt a good thing. One of the people that wrote in to Mr. Peel said that we were pants. I want to be all indignant and angry, but its hard to do that without knowing what it means. Whats wrong with mother fucking no-talent hacks or something like that? What kind of insult is pants? (No wonder we beat them in the war.)

So, all levity aside, I am very happy to be welcomed into the ears of the British. I am both touched and honored. I feel like a refugee that just washed up on their shores to be greeted by cheering crowds, welcoming me and giving me delicious foods. (I realize there are no delicious foods in England, but still) Really, I feel like the English have stepped up where the Americans were either unwilling or incapable. They saw talent where Americans saw noise The French have their Jerry Lewis. The Americans have their Schwarzenegger. And the English have their Monkey Power.

Good luck, America. Have fun your Britney Spears and your Phish. We are going to England.

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