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Iggy terrified Steve.

What terrified me were the prices of the Stooges shirts.

I wanted to buy one, but I didn’t. I was worried about paying the mortgage in six days. How punk rock is that?

I didnt know it until I got there, but our tickets were for the side of a mountain outside the amphitheater. We had to watch most of the show on large TV screens.

I had a chance last week to trade my ticket for one close to the stage, but it would have been fifteen dollars more. (I was ready to sit outside in the rain for four hours to save $15.)

Of course, I would have done it had I known that Iggy would go fucking nuts and insist (at least during two songs) that security guards not keep their fans off the stage.

Here’s a fuzzy photo of the riot that ensued.

I had my binoculars out when this was happening and I was watching as dozens and dozens of people came forward and climbed on-stage with the Stooges. I wasnt insane with jealousy, however, until I saw one woman pull out a camera and start taking pictures of herself with Iggy. It struck me in that second that Id be posting the above photo when I got home and that shed be posting something about a million times better on her blog Something like this It pisses me the fuck off.

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