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Linette just told me that she called up the cable company this morning and had them put a hold on our order to cancel service. I made her think that I was horribly disappointed by this, but secretly I was relieved. More that than, I was elated. I didnt want to live without cable The cable company is smart. When we called in to have them turn it off, they said that it would take them up to six weeks or so before they could terminate our service. They said that we could just enjoy our cable for free until it ended. That meant that we were watching TV in fear for the last month. Every time we started watching something interesting, we began to worry that our service might not make it all the way to the end of the show. It was no way to live My bet is that most people end up chickening out and crawling back over the course of those weeks between cancellation and termination. I feel week. Worse than that, I feel like I let you all down. A lot of you wrote in and said nice things when I told you that we were cutting the cable. Now, I feel like reformed drunk whos fallen off the wagon in a very public way. I hate myself But, then again, it wasnt me that gave in. It was Linette We were locked in this game of wits to see who would crack first. It was like a game of chicken. Have you seen Rebel Without a Cause? Remember the scene where theyre driving their cars headlong toward the cliff, each driver waiting for the other to chicken out before he would cut the wheel and save his own life? Thats what it was like. Weve both been walking around for the past few weeks trying to remind the other of all the great things on TV that he or she would be missing once the cable went dark. It was no way to live Thankfully, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy came along at just the right time. Linette became addicted two weeks ago and I knew that it was just a matter of time before she gave in and made the call So, in conclusion, dont hate me for caving in. Hate Linette. My conscience is clean.

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