my eye is still filling up

Im staying home from work today and giving my eye a rest That means I wont be doing much blogging either, at least until I get the OK from my eye doctor. I have an appointment with her at 4:00 this afternoon.

OK, Maybe I was being a bit rash. Maybe I could blog just a little bit. I might as well enjoy it now, while I still have two eyes, right?

fatwa american style
First, Americas number on Mullah, Pat Robertson, prayed for the deaths of three US Supreme Court justices. Now, following in his footsteps, Hustler magazines Larry Flynt calls for a day of prayer to pray for the death of Fox Newss Bill OReilly. (I wanted to post this for you all a day or so ago, when there would have still been time for you to get involved, had you wanted to, but then my eye went and started filling up with blood.) Heres a quote from Flynts ad: O, Lord, may he lose control of his bowels in those final moments so that the last and only warm feeling he ever experiences is his own shit. Should we start an on-line betting pool as to whose death gets prayed for next? Im thinking that eventually someone in the US has to get around to praying for the death of Osama bin Laden. Or have we completely forgotten about him?

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