lots to say no time to say it

I just mowed the lawn and paid bills. Now, Im preparing for work tomorrow. Im afraid that theres not going to be any time for blogging. As much as it pains me to say it, youre on your own today OK, here are a few things, since you were nice enough to stop in and pay me a visit.

Heres a hilarious article about Al Franken. He apparently wrote to John Ashcroft on Harvard stationary and asked him to submit his personal story of remaining a virgin until marriage. He claimed to have been working on a book for young people called, Savin It.

Ashcroft apparently didnt respond. He was too busy creating this wonderful new website in defense of the Patriot Act. Its called Life and Liberty dot gov.

I love that Al Franken was trying to lure this humorless prude into writing a story about how painful it was for him to abstain from sex, and how hed deal with dirty thoughts as they came into his head.

On that note, it is time for me to go and cover up the boobs on public statues before they excite me.

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