it could be worse

I was just reminded by a reader named Ken that the power outage could have been much, much worse. No, he didnt remind me of my health, or point out that I was wasnt on life-support when the electricity went out. And he didnt, like Linette, say, At least we werent getting laser eye surgery. No, Ken reminded me that we didnt lose a freezer full of Mr. Brains Fabulous Faggots.

OK, now I am going to bed.

Oh! One more thing Heres an entire family of faggot fanatics.

OK, since Im kind of on the subject of the blackout anyway, and I since I obviously havent gone to bed yet, I might as well tell you this. I have a very dear friend who was, until relatively recently, a consultant working at the Ohio-based energy company that is now being credited with this wonderful “Amish fantasy weekend” that many of us had the pleasure of experiencing. When I pointed out that this spoke volumes concerning his consulting prowess, he responded with the following note.

(I) saved them a bunch of money with some ‘shortcuts’.

Heres a pretty good article on the fuckwads at FirstEnergy and their shortcuts. Heres a quote from the article:

The company benefited enormously from deregulation of the industry which is being blamed, in part, for failed efforts to overhaul the power grid and modernize the lines.

That doesnt make much sense, does it? They got wealthy as a result of deregulation, but they didnt put money back into their network, and now its costing the American taxpayers billions and billions of dollars… Thats pretty damned funny, isnt it? Dont you just love being shit on? Its exhilarating!

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