yank the cable if youre happy

Linette and I decided to cancel cable TV this weekend And, I predict I will be dead within a month.

Theres no way that I can survive without the distraction of cable television. Ive tried before and failed. I came crawling back to the radiating teat.

We need to save the money. Thats part of it. The bigger reason, however, is that were getting angry with ourselves for just sitting and passively watching. We both want to paint and to create things. While the TV might not be physically stopping us for doing anything, it certainly doesnt help speed the creative process when theres a box full of sex and comedy calling to you from the corner of the room.

While I feel bad for myself, I feel even worse for our little Tivo box. I feel like Ive just taken the greatest chef in the world and placed him behind the line at MacDonalds.

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