watching the watchers

A few good folks at MIT Media Labs have decided to respond to the Bush administrations Total Information Awareness system with something of their own, a similar database program know as Governement Information Awareness. Its absolutely brilliant. Heres a quote from their site:

The Open Government Information Awareness suite of software tools acts as a framework for US citizens to construct and analyze a comprehensive database on our government. Modeled on recent government programs designed to consolidate information on individuals into massive databases, our system does the opposite, allowing you to scrutinize those in government. Citizens are able to explore data, track events, find patterns, and build risk profiles, all in an effort to encourage and motivate action. We like to think of it as a Citizens Intelligence Agency, giving people similar tools and technologies to those held by their government.

And the Boston Globe has a good article about the project today called, Website Turns Tables on Government Officials.

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