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I took these photos in Coney Island when I was there a few weeks ago. I thought that you might find them of interest.

The first shot is of a standard boardwalk game, an old favorite. Its the Shoot the Hoop game. You pay a buck or two, and you get three chances to throw a basketball through a hoop. Invariably, you lose. No matter how good a shot you are, you can just never seem to make it. The ball just bounces around the rim and ultimately bounces out.

This second shot is taken from a different perspective, one that youre not usually given access to. It shows that the hole, while the correct width, is only a few inches deep.

I feel like I should be writing for the Penn and Tellers new debunking show, Bullshit, which I just happen to have seen for the first time when I was staying with Matt in Brooklyn. We spent what little free time we had switching between tapes of Bullshit and DVDs of The Muppet Show.

This is me and Matt in Coney Island.

And this is me in front of the Haunted House on Coney Island. I liked that the woman was looking at me and screaming.

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