maynard-esque sniper

I want to write about a lot of stuff tonight, but Im in a bad mood. Im just going to sit here on my couch and watch Law and Order. From what Im told, tonights killer looks a lot like me Heres a note I just got from a reader named Scott Ruish from New Jersey.

Remember a few months back when I mentioned an episode of “Law & Order” which featured a father/son sniper team (Ripped from today’s headlines!)? The young actor playing the son had a real “Maynard” look about him. From the plot summary in my onscreen cable guide (it’s not TIVO, but I make do) the episode in question will rerun tonight on NBC at 10:00 (eastern). Check it out!

My guess is that Im being set up. I full well expect to tune in and see a hideous, wild-eyed, three hundred pound child in the role of the young sniper… I suppose there’s a slight chance that this man with a “Maynard look about him” could be fantastically beautiful, but I somehow doubt it… I’m prepared for my mood to get a lot worse.

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