make your own debris sandwich

Here are the ingredients. Stack them up however you like:

It looks as though Pakistan has banned the new issue of Newsweek, which includes new interpretations of the Quran. They say it offends Islam. Among other things, they dont like the idea that, according to a German linguist mentioned in the magazine, those who Muslims die as martyrs will be met in the afterlife not by 72 sex-starved virgins, as weve all been told, but by 72 white raisins Damn, that wouldnt be nearly as good for recruiting.

If I had an intern, right now youd be looking at a photo of some really pissed-off and horny dead terrorists contemplating little stacks of Sun Made raisins.

You may not agree, but Vanity Fairs Christopher Hitchens, whom I like, just appeared on the BBC talking about how well things are going in Iraq. As much as we hate the fact that soldiers are still dying every day, it is worth noting that things thus far have gone better than most of us would have predicted.

While were on the subject of the war, I also liked what this fellow put together. Its a pretty good overview of the situation in Iraq and how it is that weve gotten to where we are today. It may read as fairly conservative, but I think it probably accurately reflects the thinking of the Bush administration.

Will someone please tell me that this isnt a photo of our President autographing an American flag?!

If I had that intern, Id have a web page where you could see an enlargement of what Bush was writing on the flag. It, no doubt, would be something hilariously funny Maybe something, Please help me. Im in over my head. Or, Call my dad and tell him to come and get me. Cheney wont let me go home. We should have a contest. What do you think that he was writing on the flag?

John McCain and Joseph Lieberman are trying to issue legislation that would put a cap on emissions in the U.S. While they neither one feel as though the bill will realistically pass, they want for Senators to have to say on the record how they feel about global warming and the threat it poses.

“You want to take votes to put people on the record, to make them take responsibility for their positions,” said Mr. McCain, Republican of Arizona.

I think I may have mentioned it yesterday, but theres a chance that I might be falling in love with John McCain. I need to look into the Draft McCain movement.

MIT Technology Review has a story on CAPPS I and II, the database programs the airlines will be using to screen for potential terrorists. According to their expert on aviation safety statistics, these programs might actually make things easier for terrorists.

OK, thats enough good news for tonight. Now I need to get to the real blogging.

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