just a few things before i head to bed

Heres an article on blogs, the internet, the Dean campaign and what they all might mean to the future of political campaigning and democracy. Its exciting stuff.

Also exciting is the news today that both democrats and republicans alike in the House of Representatives stood up to the Bush administration and sought to reverse the recent rulings of the FCC that would have allowed for even more American media outlets to concentrate in even fewer hands. This is a good thing. It shows that there still is a line our politicians are unwilling to cross.

A new study shows that one in three Germans thinks that the US was behind the 9-11 attacks. Of course, thats not true, but the fact that people are thinking that illustrates just how poorly our US leaders have managed world opinion I suspect it also has something to do with the fact that Germans are a bit paranoid, having seen first hand what evil men are capable of when it comes to seeing their agendas enacted. After youve seen your leaders cook people in ovens, its not difficult to believe, I guess, that our leaders could knock down a few buildings.

How is it that this guy says almost the exact same thing that I said the day before (that it wouldnt be beyond the realm of possibility that we knew where Uday and Qusay were this whole time and just decided to snuff them out when it began to look like Bush couldnt shake the claims that he sexed up intelligence data to make the case for war), and he gets to be the most linked to blog on the internet? I feel sad and underappreciated.

Goodnight, Im going to go upstairs and cry now. (Actually, Im going to floss.)

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