cable touches a nerve

I thought that Id get emails today from people interested in my idea for a First Person to Touch an Olsen Twin contest, or perhaps from people who wanted to chat about Ionel Talpazans UFO art. Instead, I got lots of notes about our decision to stop getting cable TV. A few of you asked for our Tivo box (no!), but most of you were concerned that we might be somehow committing cultural suicide. Like I said yesterday, I dont know how long the experiment will last, but I dont think either Linette or I will let it get to the point where were no longer able to hold an intelligent conversation about things of cultural significance. We might not know the cast of the new MTV Real World, but well still know that it exists and that it sucks. (A few of you were nice enough to offer to send brief rundowns of culturally significant shows like Fear Factor and The Bachelor. I would very much like that.) We also got one note from a man in Atlanta named Ken who will be starting his cable subscription as we end ours. I thought that was kind of beautiful in a way. Very poetic. Heres part of his note.

I think I am living some kind of inverse parallel existence with you. We have lived the last 6 years or so without cable. Initially, the idea was exactly what you describe: we want to be more productive. (Compared to you guys with your publishing, blogging, and music we look like we are living in that Twilight Zone episode where all the people are standing perfectly still!) What I am saying, is it didn’t seem to work. We found new ways to abuse our TV with help from those waves that just fly right through the air.

Hes right too. If we have it in us to procrastinate, thats exactly what well do. I probably watched eight hours of TV a day all through my childhood and we only got two stations, and they were fuzzy.

I suspect my ancestors in Kentucky just stared at photos of Lincoln for hours on end.

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