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OK, I dont usually post my picture here on the site, but since a lot of the newer readers have been asking what I look like lately, Ive decided to post one. Before I show it to you though, I want to explain that this photo was taken a long time ago, back before I toughened up, back when I was what you might call a mommas boy.

Id like to show you what I look like today, but Im afraid Id scare you off. You see, Ive been told Im a little bit intimidating now. I think thats funny, because underneath this gruff exterior, Im a real teddy bear. Anyway, heres what I looked like back in the day, back before I got hardened and street-wise.

OK, that wasnt really me. Im not a skinhead. My eyes do, on occasion, fill up with blood like that though, and I am kind of losing my hair… On second thought, this does kind of look like me.

This guy is apparently in prison for murder. He was featured on The Smoking Gun a while back. Someone just sent me the link today. Ive been staring at him ever since and thinking what I could do with his photo. Im thinking that it would be fun to go to an internet chat room and make friends, exchange letters with them for a few days, and then forward the photo. If I had the patience, Id do just that. I dont have the patience though. Thats why I need an intern.

Oh, while were on the subject of The Smoking Gun, did you see the Susan Smith personal ad that they ran a few days ago? She says that she likes rainbows and Mickey Mouse, and that shes looking for someone whos not judgmental. If youll recall, she purposely drove her car into a lake, drowning her two small sons who were fastened into their car seats, and then blamed the whole thing on the fictional black man had carjacked her.

Back to the guy up top, heres something else that Id have an intern do, if I had one. Id have him or her photoshop in some stylish clothes and some kind of hip hairdo. Maybe Id have him/her superimpose the new image on a photo of a nicely designed apartment. Maybe hed be at a cocktail party or something. Then Id take the old picture, of him in jail, and the new image, of him after his make-over, and Id make a fake Queer Eye for the Straight Guy site, showing the before and after.

I could call it, Queer Eye for the White Power Guy.

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