update from sea

A few days ago, Dan, the cook on the industrial fishing vessel, mentioned that he thought hake (a kind of fish) were left to rot on the deck of the ship until they were out of rigor mortis. That way they were flexible enough to go through the gutting and beheading machines and such. Well, he did a little research and it turns out that he wasnt completely right.

I followed up on the hake rotting in the sun question. I got it all backward. Hake gets processed right away, or else it will turn into mush. Pollack needs to get out of rigor mortis before it can be processed; which could last up to 5 hours. They get dropped in holding tanks that have refrigerated seawater in them though. When the pollack is sitting on the deck it’s only for a short while. That still doesn’t make that awful smell go away though.

That makes me feel a little better. I wasnt comfortable with the idea of the fish just lying on the deck, rotting in the sun for up to five hours. Being stuffed, dead, into tanks of refrigerated seawater while the rigor mortis passes is much better.

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