tonights debris sandwich is served

on stale bread: Dan Gillotte from Austin, Texas wants us all to know about the NYT headline switcheroo related to the GOP wanting to lay a cornerstone at the new WTC during their convention. (My prediction is that Bush will parachute into Ground Zero with a giant American flag while images of 9/11 are projected on a giant screen behind him. He will then stab to death an actor portraying Saddam Hussein while telling us that we’re still in grave danger.)

with illegal cheese: Our favorite Fortean researcher, Douglas Skinner, smells something fishy, perhaps another Monkeypox Trio publicity stunt? (It seems as though sasquatch droppings have been found in the strawberry patch again! “Bad sasquatch!”)

and a blob of bone marrow: If your favorite vending machine was replaced with one selling little American flags and other patriotic merchandise, what would you think? This author sees it as a sign of fascism. (I dont know if Id got that far, but he raises some interesting points.)

and some kind of heavily processed potted meat: Well, it looks like my mothers warning to keep on the lookout for suspicious UPS men might have been unfounded. Collin found it listed at Snopes. (So, I guess this means that you shouldnt shoot your UPS man… at least not yet. Tell you what, if you see one, hold him at gunpoint until I get confirmation from my mom.)

and a carrot carved into the shape of a cross: Linette and I saw a documentary not too long ago on the adverse effects of western culture on the tiny, once peaceful country of Bhutan. The filmmakers were interviewing people of all ages about this sudden tidal wave of western culture that they had suddenly found themselves in. (I had conflicted feelings about it. On one hand I feel as though their people have a right to western information and media, if they want it, but on the other hand its sad to see these people suddenly overwhelmed. You dont want to preserve them as though they were animals in a zoo, but at the same time you also dont want for their culture to be entirely consumed.) Well, Dave Miller just sent this article on the subject. It makes me wonder how anyone could hope to fight back against MTV, McDonalds and all the corporations of the west?

and a withered little catfish head: Which brings us to this. CBS essentially offers private Jessica Lynch fame if she gives them the exclusive to her story. Given the size of CBSs parent company, they can offer TV movies, books, MTV appearances, etc. While unethical to buy news stories outright, multinationals are leveraging their other assets to get big newsmakers before their competition. Its called synergy. (Update: No one from any network has yet to offer me shit.)

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