the debris sandwich is made fresh every day:

Todays sandwich is constructed from fortified sawdust and finely ground bone meal, to which all of these other flavors are added:

Hans Blix finally lashes out a bit at the Pentagon bastards that worked to undermine him.

Gregory Peck and David Brinkley, two of my favorite men, are apparently dead. (From what I can discern, neither brain-eating baboons or exploding UPS men are to blame.)

Thomas Friedman has a few more things to say about our Presidents irresponsible tax cut.

Heres a thought: Why not just hit the reset button on the world and start all over?

But wait, I spoke too soon, theres hope on the horizon! Jerry Springer is seriously considering a run for the US Senate.

Heres a bit of what he has to say:

If I run, it will because I know there is a base out there, an army of friends. There are 100 US Senators. Sometimes its hard to tell one from the other. If I were to be among them, youll be able to tell the difference. Believe me. What do powerful special interests have to offer me? Money? Fame? A TV show? No. I will be able to operate independently. After this campaign, if it happens, there wont be anything left they can throw at me.

So, we should vote for him because hes already been corrupted beyond corruption? That sounds logical enough to me.

And seaweed finally makes a move against the dominant forces of animal bones and skin in the competitive world of gelatin.

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