still here in new york

Sorry, I don’t have time to be clever this morning. We’re all packing up our instruments and getting ready to head into the studio. I’m a bit nervous. I feel like this every year. I fear getting into the studio and all of us just fighting, and not producing anything we’re happy about. It hasn’t happened in the past eight years, but I still fear it happening. One year it has to. One year we have to leave the studio after our session just hating one another. At least that’s what I fear…

Dave is telling me right now how he knows how to add “blood splatter” to any image with Photoshop. He read a tutorial on Fark. I want to ask him to add blood splatter to all of the digital photos I’ve shot since arriving in New York. Speaking of those photos, I hope to find a way to upload them this weekend.

Wish us luck.

Oh, last night, the envelope stuffing session went well. We’ve got about 75 copies of the last Monkey Power record ready to go out in the mail to college radio stations and such. (Thanks again to all of you who sent in addresses and contact information for said stations.)

Damn, I have a lot I want to tell you about, but I need to start thinking about song ideas and stuff. Please excuse me.

Love, Mark

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